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Installation and Commissioning of EPCB Biomass-fired Steam Boiler in Myanmar

EPCB biomass-fired steam boiler is installed and commissioned in Myanmar. It is a 4T/h wood-fired fixed grate steam boiler. As a fixed grate boiler, it has many advantages:

  1. Fuel applicability is good: Fuels with more moisture, stronger cohesion, lower ash melting point and more difficult ignition are suitable.
  2. The grate surface is well utilized: the ignition is rapid, the fuel burns on the grate in a thin coal bed, and the average thickness of the burning bed is about 20-50 mm.
  3. Because the fire bed is thin, the thermal inertia of the furnace is small and the fuel layer is not easy to bond.

The water wall on the left and right sides of the furnace is radiation heating surface, and the two wings of the furnace are convective heating surface. The furnace adopts a new technology of integral casting of heat-resistant concrete, and the outer side of the main engine of the boiler is a three-dimensional protective plate shell. The pot drum is composed of arch plate and chimney, which makes the pot drum change from quasi-rigid body to quasi-elastic body. The stress was reduced by eliminating the stretching parts in each tube sheet area, and the problem of tube sheet crack was solved. Rising pipes are arranged at the bottom of the boiler, eliminating the dead water area at the bottom of the drum. The high temperature zone of the pot drum has been well cooled to prevent the bulging of the lower part of the pot shell. Threaded flue gas pipes with high heat transfer efficiency are adopted, which makes the boiler temperature rise and pressure rise quickly, and greatly improves the heat transfer coefficient and thermal efficiency. The threaded flue pipe disturbs the flue gas in the pipe. It is not easy to accumulate ash in the smoke pipe and plays a self-cleaning role. It has compact structure and saves the construction of boiler room.

EPCB will guide the whole process from the boiler to the construction of the boiler room. After the successful installation of the boiler, the boiler will be debugged. This is where we install and debug.

EPCB aims to make modern industrial civilization and nature more harmonious. With the vision of the preferred supplier of the global industrial boiler system, EPCB provides professional and comprehensive services to create the greatest value for customers. EPCB products were awarded the National Science and Technology Achievement Award, the provincial patent star enterprises, the Science and Technology Progress Award of Shandong Province and Qingdao City, and the famous trademark of Shandong Province. At the same time, EPCB products were awarded the honorary titles of “China Green Products”. In 2008, EPCB products were awarded the National Private Enterprises Science and Technology Innovation Award and other honorary titles. It also passed the ISO 9001:2008 International.

EPCB boilers have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, serving more than 15,000 customers. Our boilers have been unanimously approved by the users.

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