A Boiler Story that Last for 3 Years Professionalism and Service Impresses Customers

This is a boiler fate that spans three years. In 2018, the EPCB project engineer received a request for a fuel-gas steam boiler. After the engineer gave multiple responses, there was no news. In the past experience, EPCB has encountered similar investors who had to stop buying boilers due to financial or environmental factors.

Until 2019, at an exhibition in Uzbekistan, our project engineer recognized the customer on the business card at a glance, and the customer also had a slight impression of EPCB boiler. Because of previous contacts, this conversation has become more in-depth and learned about the real and additional needs of customers.


In following time, our project engineer repeatedly communicated with the customer through the WeChat chat tool, and according to the customer’s needs, provided him with:

1.We helped him design a complete set of solutions, and equipped with very detailed information for his technical staff to compare;

2.Provide him with the certificate and information of the Russian EAC certified boiler;

3.Provide higher standards and more cost-effective cargo loading solutions;


The project is progressing step by step. At this moment, when the 2020 epidemic occurred, the customer decided to shelve his investment plan. The story has developed to this point. Do you think it is over? No, although the customer has delayed the production plan, our project engineers regard the customer as a friend, and often share some successful cases of EPCB in Russia, many of our projects also include yarn factories that customers care about,and we shared the development of the industry Current situation and prospects.


In 2021,the customer contact our project engineer and put forward: “If your price cannot be reduced to XX US dollars, then I can’t buy a boiler from you.” According to our decades of experience in the boiler industry, a safe and stable boiler system simply cannot achieve this price.


Because of mutual trust, the customer took the initiative to send us the other boiler supply’s quotation parameter list. Surprisingly, the other boiler supply did not have detailed parameters, which is extremely irresponsible. The cost of buying a boiler will vary greatly depending on the brand, type, size, parameters and other influencing factors. If only the low price is indicated without specifying the parameter details, this is a common price trap.


Our project engineer compared the other boiler supply’s quotation parameter table. In addition to the unclear related parameters, there is another chimney parameter: thickness 2.5 mm, length 5 meters, and the minimum configuration provided by epcb is 4 mm thickness and 12 length. Meter. The client was moved by our expertise and decided to cooperate with us.


During the cooperation period, in order to save money for customers, we camp up with cargo transportation solutions, carefully designed containers, and rationally arranged boilers and accessories so as not to waste every inch of space.


At present, the project is advancing at a high speed. We will provide timely and effective answers to any questions in the process, so that the entire project can be completed more quickly. Looking back on the entire process, it is our meticulous service and professional attitude that moved the customer.After three years,It is our greatest achievement that his investment project can be started as quickly as possible.


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