From Contact to Choice Only Took Less Than A Month. Why is EPCB So Attractive?

A short email was the beginning of her and EPCB. “I need a coal-fired steam boiler.”

After receiving the email, EPCB engineers established contact with her immediately. She has been engaged in the paper industry for many years and is very familiar with the relevant parameters of the boiler. The parameters given to us for the first time are very detailed. In a short time, we helped her design a set of solutions and equipped with very detailed information for her technical staff to compare.

However, due to their company’s technological innovation, there are new requirements for steam pressure and boiler capacity. EPCB adjusted the solution in time. And sent it to the customer as soon as possible. We finally settled on the boiler system solution after many times of communication and verification.

During the communication:

The customer is very shocking with EPCB’s response speed and works attitude, as well as the completeness of the information provided.

She said that it takes a long time to communicate with other boiler suppliers. It takes even one week to confirm a parameter. EPCB does not need it.

This allows the entire communication process to be very fast and shortens the progress time of the entire project.

Considering that the chain grate boiler has special requirements for fuel, EPCB’s engineer confirmed with her the type of coal.

The coal’s size she uses is very small. If the ordinary grate is used, it will cause coal leakage, so she hopes to use the form of pulverized coal injection, and the chain grate can burn biomass particles.

In order to make it more convenient for her to purchase fuel and no longer need to purchase a biomass pellet machine, we recommend a better solution for users.

We recommend using two methods simultaneously:

1.Inject pulverized coal.

2.Use the flake chain grate.

This avoids the cost of procurement and can use two combustion methods at the same time to make the boiler operation more stable.

She adopted our suggestion and agreed with it.

At present, the project is advancing steadily and at a high speed. We will provide timely and effective answers to any questions in the process to let the entire project can be completed more quickly. Let the new project be launched as quickly as possible, which is our biggest gain.

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