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Classification of oil gas fired boiler burners

For an oil gas fired boiler, the burner is one of the most important boilers auxiliary machines. It can mix air and fuel in an appropriate ratio through a premixing device to fully burn it.

The common classifications of burners are:

According to the fuel classification, it can be divided into gas burners, oil burners, and oil/gas burners.

According to the classification of combustion control. It can be divided into the single-stage fire burner, the double-stage fire burner, and the proportional-regulating burner.

In general, the burner is equipped with depending on the specific fuel of the boiler. And the combustion control method is also selective.

The single-stage oil gas fired boiler burners are fully mixed by fuel and air. After ignition, only a single-stage flame is generated. How big is the point of fire, the size of the fire flame does too. And only have the start and stop two states. Single-stage fire burners are used in heating industrial boilers whose temperature or pressure requirements are not high or allowing for greater temperature or pressure errors.

The working model of the two-stage oil gas fired boiler burners are small fire and a big fire, first ignition a small fire, and a small fire is stabilized and then ignition a big fire. That is, the burner has two working point: that is, it can work with a single-stage fire (small fire), or it can work in  two-stage fire (big fire), there are three kinds of condition, big fire, small fire, and stops, and small fires are used for heat preservation, big fire is used for heat up. Dual-stage fire burners are used in industrial boilers whose temperature or pressure control requirements are high or allowing temperature errors of 10°-20°.

Proportional adjustment of the oil gas fired boiler burners is also igniting small fire first, and then run according to the required ratio, this burner has an unlimited number of working points, the size of the fire and the size of the flame can be converted at any point within the power range, which is equivalent to having countless gears.

The proportional regulated burner can control temperature and pressure very accurately, almost in a stable state.

If this type of oil gas fired boiler burners are used, the boiler combustion is more stable and there are more controllable factors! But the price of the boiler system will be higher.

EPCB oil gas fired boiler burners use double-stage fire burners and proportional-regulating burners normally. EPCB comprehensively compared the combustion performance, price, stability and service life of many domestic and foreign burners’ suppliers, and finally chose Italy Riello and Black & Decker as the main burner supplier of EPCB.

We also cooperated with several other manufacturers’ designated brands of burner manufacturers.

Such as Unigas, Ecoflam from Italy, Oilon from Finland, Weishaupt, Saacke from Germany, etc., to ensure that a variety of customers can meet the requirements of various brands of burners.

As a manufacturer and supplier of industrial boiler complete systems, EPCB has been customizing the boiler system for the user. Buy boiler, choose EPCB, EPCB boiler will help you thrive!