EPCB Boiler Discussed Boilers and Environmental Protection Industry Together With Research Institutions

EPCB Boiler has cooperated with the Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for several months. Recently, Mr. Zhang, chairman of EPCB Boiler, and the doctoral team of the Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences discussed the topic of joint research on boilers and environmental protection industries.

Both parties started their research by delving into all aspects related to the boiler and its impact on the environment. They gather data from various sources such as government reports, industry expert opinions, user surveys, etc., allowing them to develop a comprehensive understanding of the topic. Together they discussed the potential application of a new technology in the boiler and environmental industries; including its ability to reduce emissions and improve efficiency.

As discussions continued throughout the day, it became clear that there was great potential for collaboration between all parties involved: EPCB Boiler Company Chairman’s experience with programs focused on boiler engineering; knowledge in scientific research as well as in energy resource management – all of which can be used in conjunction to create something truly special, revolutionizing both industries.

By late afternoon, everyone was satisfied with the progress the day had made; although there was more for them to explore together in the upcoming sessions, keep going! The chairman of EPCB thanked his colleagues for spending such an inspiring day, and believed that the boiler industry and the environmental protection industry can be more integrated and promote each other in the future!