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Excellent Hot Oil Boiler Manufacturer Tells You..

Following are some of EPCB’s experience in communicating with customers over the years. Now share it with you. EPCB, as a hot oil boiler manufacturer, hopes that everyone can get their own satisfactory hot oil boilers.

The hot oil boiler system is a forced circulation system. It needs a high-temperature oil pump to circulate the hot oil in the boiler. It forms a circulation system through high expansion tank and low storage tank, as well as hot oil pipeline to the production line. Hot oil boiler has the advantages of long service life, stable heating, and high efficiency. However, the organic heat carriers in hot oil boilers need to be replaced regularly to prevent oxidation, blockage of pipes and serious boiler accidents.ot

As a high-temperature heat supply equipment, hot oil boiler has always been favored by many factories. However, the operation of the hot oil boiler needs skilled operators to control, and the operators need a certain knowledge reserve of hot oil boiler to better protect the safety of boilers and enterprises.

EPCB, as a hot oil boiler manufacturer with over 35 years of industrial boiler production experience, reminds the boiler users:

The hot oil boiler needs to be commissioned after cold state debugging and then hot state debugging, and can only be put into use after commissioning. The debugging order cannot be reversed, and every one of them cannot be missing.

If there are any problems in the commissioning process, we must stop to find out the causes and solve them, so as to ensure the safe operation of the hot oil boiler.

Some time ago, a user of a hot oil boiler asked us for help and said that the inner coil of their hot oil boiler had burned out and asked us why.

After analysis, we found that the cause of coil pipe burning out is the coking of hot oil inside the boiler, which causes the damage of coil overburning. The reason for the coking of hot oil is that the high temperature circulating oil pump is damaged, and the circulating power can not be provided normally, and the hot oil in the boiler can not be circulated normally.

Unfortunately, their boiler operator did not find the problem of the oil pump, nor did the electronic control system give an alarm, because when they purchased the boiler, the hot oil boiler manufacturer they chose did not equip a reasonable interlock to protect the system. The inexperience of the boiler operator and the incorrect selection of the hot oil boiler have brought huge losses to the user enterprise.

Later, with the help of EPCB, the user understood the cause of the boiler damage, and because of the trust and affirmation of EPCB, they re-purchased a set of hot oil boilers here.

As a professional hot oil boiler manufacturer, EPCB has been taking “do the boiler suitable for you, let you and your enterprise more dynamic” as its mission, combining with the actual situation of customers, customize more cost-saving hot oil boiler system for users!

Now EPCB has more than 15000boiler users in the world, covering more than 100 countries and regions! EPCB has been working hard to become the “preferred supplier of industrial boiler systems in the world”.

Buy boiler? Choose EPCB. EPCB Boiler is willing to be your most assured partner!