Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler for Textile Printing and Dyeing Industry

Outout: Hot Oil
Certification: GB, ISO, ASME, CE, ECA
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Voltage Used Widely: 220-460V/50-60Hz
Electric Control: Fully Automatic


Features of Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler for Textile Printing and Dyeing Industry:

1. Low steel consumption,high air leakage efficient, high coal leakage volume,suitable to burn I II soft coal.
2. Adoption of automatic temperature control function is made to achieve stable heating and precise temperature adjustment.
3. It adopts perfect running control and safety monitoring device with safety,reliability and easy operation.
4. Fast temperature rise,high thermal efficiency, with overload capacity at a certain degree to ensure output of boiler.

Model YLW-1200MA-1000 YLW-14000MA-1200 YLW-16500MA-1400 YLW-19000MA-1600 YLW-24000MA-2000 YLW-30000MA-2500
Rating power KW 12000 14000 16500 19000 24000 30000
×10ˆ4 kcal/h 1000 1200 1400 1600 2000 2500
Rated thermal efficiency ≥79 ≥79 ≥79 ≥79 ≥79 ≥79
Rated working pressure Mpa 1 1 1 1 1 1
Max.working temperature ℃ 320 320 320 320 320 320
Thermal oil capacity Mˆ3 15.6 16.9 18.1 19.4 20.6 22.1
Circulating oil capacity mˆ3/h 680 800 800 800 1000 1000
Main valve size 350 350 400 400 450 450
Whole system power 310 315 320 350 385 400
Design fuel AI , AII , AIII soft coal
Weight kg 98994 128898 145800 167800 213500 286300


Our Services:

1. 100%safety, running stably, excellent water level and pressure control, fully automatic operation.
2. Boiler running life > 20years.
3. Good after-sale service. It is free for you to get the damaged spares in warranty period (1 year) if there is any questions. Assure that we can supply you spares in boiler’s all life.
4. We can arrange engineer to your company for installation and commissioning and training. If you need us at any time, we can send our technicians and prepare in a short time.
5. Special paint is used after assembly. Paint is particularly used in your climate area, which is anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion and color-fastness.

 Why do you choose our boiler? 

1. Lower dust emission & SO2 emission & NOx emission, dust emission concentration < 30mg/m³, SO2 & NOx emission concentration < 18mg/m³.
2. We supply 2 units water pump (one duty one standby) which from the famous pump manufacturer.
3. Boiler can achieve automatic temperature control & pressure control & feed water control & feed fuel control & safety indication. We also freely supply you a set of inner parts of electric controller for standby.
4. Boiler with stainless cladding, anti-corrosion & anti-rust & beautiful appearance.
5. Comprehensive after-sales service. We can design layout drawings of boiler system according to your actual requirement. Also can dispatch engineer to guide installation & commissioning.


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