DZG Industrial Fixed Grate Coal Biomass Wood Fired Steam Boiler

Type: Natural circulation
Style: Horizontal
Fuel: Coal,wood, biomass
Structure: Fire-water tube
Certification: GB, ISO9001, ASME, CE, ECA
Capacity: 0.5-4t/h
Working Pressure: 0.4~2.5MPa(4~25bar)
Thermal efficiency: ≥78%
Rated Steam Temperature: 170/184/194/204 ℃


Features Of DZG Fixed Grate Steam Boiler:

1. Clean coke is a solid fuel, low sulfur dioxide emissions after combustion, in line with national environmental requirements.
2. Use of mechanical ventilation, complete combustion, Powerful, high thermal efficiency.
3. Cast carbon longer interval, low labor intensity, simple, safe and reliable.
4. Capacity than the same fuel (gas) boiler-time low investment, low operation cost, is an economical and environmentally friendly boiler type.
5. Application of fuel: coke, anthracite block, the installation of desulfurization equipment for coal for the same.
6. Boiler capacity of 1-4T / H (0.7-2.8MW).

  Item\Type DZG0.5-0.7/1.0-J DZG1-0.7/1.0/1.25-J DZG2-0.7/1.0/1.25-J
Rated capacity t/h 0.5 1 2
Rated steam pressure Mpa 0.7/1.0 0.7/1.0/1.25 0.7/1.0/1.25
Rated steam temperature℃ 170/184 170/184 170/184/194
Feed water temperature℃ 20 20 20
Heated area  M² Radiation/Convection 2.3/16.2 4.68/16.1 5.8/30.7
Suitable fuel type soft coal , biomass, cokes, blind coal, ect.
Boiler heat efficiency % 76 78 78
Fuel consumption  kg/h 76 146 290
Effective area of grate 0.98 1.5 2.4
Transportation size of boiler mm length 2970 3782 4307
width 1950 1920 2130
heigth 2660 2820 3222
Weight of largest parts of
boiler transportation (ton)
8.3/8.4 11/11/11.6 15.7/15.8/16


High Quality with Mature Design:

1. Quality:
A grade boiler, A1, A2 grade pressure vessel manufacturing company. All products have passed ISO9001:2008 & ASME International Quality Management System Certification, also can provide CE, AS, GOST certification.
2. Management:
In order to ensure the quality, we strictly monitor the comprehensive quality system from raw material procurement & re-testing & process to storage. All the steels and pipes are purchased from developed countries & the well-known large domestic enterprises.
3. Welding:
Welding mainly uses advanced automatic welding, gas protected welding, TIG welding. Drum and other main pressure parts adopt CNC automatic welding, all of the welding 100% passed penetrant inspection.
4. Market:
Asia: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Hongkong, Philippines,  Indonesia, Thailand, myanmar, Laos, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Qatar , Lebanon, Armenia, Yemen, Jordan
America: Colombia, Chile, Suriname,Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador
Africa: Sudan, Cameroon, Algeria, Libya, Benin, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea, Mauritius, Kenya, Ethiopia, Cote d’ivoire, Tunisia
Europe: Serbia, Albania

Our Services:

1. 100%safety, running stably, excellent water level and pressure control, fully automatic operation.
2. Boiler running life > 20 years.
3. Good after-sale service. It is free for you to get the damaged spares in warranty period (1 year) if there is any questions. Assure that we can supply you spares in boiler’s all life.
4. We can arrange engineer to your company for installation and commissioning and training. If you need us at any time, we can send our technicians and prepare in a short time.
5. Special paint is used after assembly. Paint is particularly used in your climate area, which is anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion and color-fastness.

 Why do you choose our boiler? 

1. Lower dust emission & SO2 emission & NOx emission, dust emission concentration < 30mg/m³, SO2 & NOx emission concentration < 18mg/m³.
2. We supply 2 units water pump (one duty one standby) which from the famous pump manufacturer.
3. Boiler can achieve automatic temperature control & pressure control & feed water control & feed fuel control & safety indication. We also freely supply you a set of inner parts of electric controller for standby.
4. Boiler with stainless cladding, anti-corrosion & anti-rust & beautiful appearance.
5. Comprehensive after-sales service. We can design layout drawings of boiler system according to your actual requirement. Also can dispatch engineer to guide installation & commissioning.


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