EPCB ISO Certificated High Quality Gas Fired Hot Oil Boiler


EPCB ISO Certificated High Quality Gas Fired Hot Oil Boiler


  • Good seal, large flexible space to increase the service life of the burner.
  • Triple coil structure is adopted by the boiler with three-pass flue gas, compact design and space-saving.
  • High efficiency of the air pre-heater enhance up to 92% or more.
  • Multiple running with safety protection make boiler’s operation more safety and simply.
  • High temperature control precision and good combustion effect.
  • Automatic control functions, to extend the service life of equipment while saving human resources.

Hot Oil Boiler Design Structure:

  • Adoption of automatic temperature control function is made to achieve stable heating and precise temperature adjustment, which may meet different requirements.
  • It adopts perfect running control and safety monitoring device with safety, reliability and easy operation.
  • Fast packaged or assembled for shipment with easy transportation, short installation period, and fast return of Investment.
  • The boiler features heat preservation performance with high-efficiency heat preservation material and state-of-the-art construction technology, lower radiating loss of boiler wall.
  • Fast temperature rise, high thermal efficiency, with overload capacity at a certain degree to ensure output of boiler.
  • Outstanding energy-saving effect, saving energy by 10-15% compared with similar products, return of investment for the equipment in the whole boiler room may be attained by capital of saved energy for one year operation.

Why do you choose our hot oil boiler? 

  1. Lower dust emission & SO2 emission & NOx emission, dust emission concentration < 30mg/m³, SO2 & NOx emission concentration < 18mg/m³.
  2. We supply 2 units water pump (one duty one standby) which from the famous pump manufacturer.
  3. Boiler can achieve automatic temperature control & pressure control & feed water control & feed fuel control & safety indication.We also freely supply you a set of inner parts of electric controller for standby.
  4. Boiler with stainless cladding, anti-corrosion & anti-rust & beautiful appearance.
  5. Comprehensive after-sales service. We can design layout drawings of boiler system according to your actual requirement.Also can dispatch engineer to guide installation & commissioning.