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Steam Boiler Price

Every user who calls or emails us directly asks, “I want to buy this steam boiler and give me an offer.” “How much is this steam boiler?” “I want to know the steam boiler price” and so on.

But as a regional sales manager of EPCB for 15 years. Our quoted price to our customers is not just for a boiler. We need to match the most suitable boiler tonnage for you according to your actual situation.

EPCB has been doing this 36 years ago. We serve more than 15,000 enterprises also very recognized our services.

We hope that from the standpoint of our friends, we can recommend more suitable solutions to you and your enterprises so that you and your enterprises can be more competitive. The cooperation between the two sides is based on the purpose of win-win cooperation.

We hope that this boiler solution is designed for you from your point of view. It can be more in line with the actual situation of your factory, saving you more labor costs and fuel costs.

There used to be a customer who needed a 10-ton/hour oil-gas-fired steam boiler. Before they consulted us, many boiler suppliers matched their 10-ton/hour boiler schemes. After knowing the service life and regular drainage time of their existing boilers, we believe that they can meet their daily needs with 8 tons/hour steam boilers.

Now the boiler has been working for six years. Under our reasonable suggestion, the boiler has been running normally without any problems. During the period, some vulnerable parts were replaced. The whole boiler saved them a lot of money. We keep in touch.

They have introduced a lot of customers to us, and have already reached cooperation!

The process of buying a steam boiler is:

  1. Accurately locate the production situation of your factory, how big the boiler is needed
  2. If the old steam boiler is replaced with a new one, measure the thermal efficiency of the existing boiler and accurately locate the boiler evaporation. Purchasing again.
  3. Find a boiler supplier or manufacturer. If it is a supplier, it must be the sole agent of a well-known brand, such as the EPCB boiler agent. If it is a manufacturer, be sure to go to their official website to see their corporate strength before buying. EPCB’s official website
  4. A number of comparative comprehensive choices, can not only look at the price. Whether the boiler solution is perfect, the service process and the service content are very important reference standards!
  5. Buy a boiler, preferably EPCB! I believe you will not choose the wrong one.